Collection: Style 6 - Farmhouse

Our sixth style - in farmhouse colors.

These maps have dark roads, railroads and waterways combined with orange-brown urban areas and green colors for natural areas. Use this map in the appropriate ambience - for example, in your farmhouse, bedrooms or even entrance areas.

Frequently asked questions


Do you also create custom colorful maps for download?

Yes, we have a Custom Vector Map Service. With this Service we are focusing on various useful graphics formats: Light styled, black and white, outlined, classic colours f.e. as art maps for print use. Feel free to get a visit on

Do you create custom map styles on request?

No, we do not create individual map styles on request.

What about the credits?

Our map renderings are based on the Open Streetmap contributor database ODbL. ODbL has a concept called “Produced Work”. If you add rendered map data to your own design, you may wish to use “Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors”.