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Khanom Bueang Print On Wood - All The Breads Collection

Khanom Bueang Print On Wood - All The Breads Collection

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Our Khanom bueang Bread Wall Hanging has bright untoned colors and textural drawn shapes combined with an attractive title. The art comes from our huge All the Breads of the World collection and will be an eye catcher not only in kitchen or commercial spaces.

We make each print with care, using the highest quality materials. The natural grain of the wood gives each print its own unique style.

All prints come in protective packaging to prevent damage during shipping. A hanging system is included.

This print is made individually for you. We print in over 20 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There are no minimum quantities.

However, if a material or frame is not available locally, we reserve the right to ship internationally or suggest an equivalent replacement product.

All artworks drawn and designed by Knut Hebstreit.

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